Friday, May 2, 2014

Design Patent Roundup - May 2, 2014

It has been a few weeks since our last design patent roundup, but you will be seeing a lot more of us through the summer. This week brings us only two new design patent cases, including another design patent enforcement action brought by Oakley in California and a design patent case about mobile phone charging stations in Texas. See the designs and accused products after the jump!

Oakley, Inc. v. UV Sales, Inc., No. 14-cv-1055 (S.D. Cal. April 28, 2014)

Our first case this week is another enforcement action by Oakley sunglasses company in the Southern District of California against another alleged counterfeiter, UV Sales. Oakley has asserted seven different design patents in this lawsuit, including U.S. Design Patent Nos. 469,458; 564,571; 564,572; 569,412; 581,443; 581,444; and 572,747, each relating to eyeglasses or eyeglass components. Oakley has listed seven design patents and four accused models in their Complaint, below is the closest patent-to-product pairing we were able to identify based on the Complaint. Oakley is represented by Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP. UV3 has not yet entered an appearance.

JPM Networks, LLC v. JCM First Venture, LLC, No. 3:14-cv-1507 (N.D. Tex. April 24, 2014)

The second case this week deals with the mobile phone charging stations that one sometimes sees in airports and other public places. Plaintiff JPM Networks has accused JCM First Ventures of infringing two of its design patents – U.S. Design Patent Nos. 688,201 and 688,202, both entitled “Mobile Device Charging Station.” Below is a figure from the ‘201 Patent alongside an image of JCM’s # CA-82927. JPM is represented by Belair Intellectual Property Law, LLC. JCM has not yet entered an appearance.

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